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article5 CAA Warns - Watch For Bikes
CAA South Central Ontario (CAA SCO) is launching our annual 'Watch for Bikes' campaign. CAA SCO hopes to put a stop to car-bike collisions before they happen.

article1 Ontario Roads The Safest In North America
Ontario's roads are safer than ever thanks to road safety measures that are saving lives, preventing injuries and reducing collisions.


Zero-alcohol limit for drivers 21 and under
Under the new rules, drivers aged 21 and under cannot consume any alcohol before getting behind the wheel.

article3 Distracted Driving Laws
Police will begin issuing tickets for using hand-held cell phones and communications and entertainment devices while driving in Ontario.


Car insurance scam targets Ontario
Police in Ontario are warning of a scam to sell fake auto insurance to drivers that will leave them out-of-pocket but without any coverage